How Much Will My Project Cost?

Everyone thinking about a remodeling project is wondering just how much they need to budget. At Critchfield Construction, we understand how important your project is and how the budget can be a stressor. That’s why we have a specific meeting regarding the function of your home and its existing space. We will ask you many questions to help you describe the issues... “kitchen too small,” “bath room cramped,” “fixtures are old,” etc.

Our goal is to find out how our design expertise can help you improve the function and look of your home. When the question of budget comes up, the answer is always the same! “We don’t know, we never remodeled our (fill in project here: Kitchen or bath or whole house, etc.).

Don’t worry, that’s normal! Our goal is not to “break the bank.” With over 30 years of experience, we can help by listening to your needs, wants, and financial situation to guide you through the budget process. If possible, we will deliver the dream remodel you want at a reasonable and fair cost.