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Solely Owned by Richard Critchfield, We Provide The Highest Quality Remodeling, Additions, Custom Homes, and Design for Over 30 Years

In 1987 Richard N. Critchfield gave new life to a family tradition of building in the Western Pennsylvania and Laurel Highlands area. Critchfield Construction has been building in and around Somerset County area for over 30 years Rich’s grand father James “Al” Critchfield started things off followed by his uncle Don Critchfield. >> LEARN MORE

Kitchen“Say What We Are Going To Do
& Do What We Say”.

It’s Our Mission to provide unparalleled service to our customers throughout the design and construction process. Decrease your fears of remodeling and increase your satisfaction.

CCI serves homeowner with-in a 100 mile radius of their office. As a full service construction company we offer design & construction related services .

EPALearn How Critchfield Can Make Your Project, GREEN!

Critchfield Construction provides green (or sustainable) building services. Green building, the effort to create structures that are environmentally responsible, uses specific techniques, as well as recycled and smart materials, in the process of design and construction.

The key is to combine green practices and materials in balance with concerns of budget, building use, durability and occupant comfort. Critchfield considers the varying goals for the building project and develops a plan to build a structure that is efficient (fulfills the needs of the occupants) while ensuring the highest quality construction to preserve the land, water and air.

The result is a building environment which serves its purpose, its community and the environment, equally.


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